Dynamic IoT Ecosystems

WeavingThings is an IoT connectivity framework that enables the creation of IoT services with a deployed ecosystem of many different IoT devices and sensors. IoT projects require solutions that are architecturally flexible, that are low maintenance, are designed for scalability and that their ecosystem of supported devices can be changed dynamically. WeavingThings core technology is built from the foundation to give the best service in all aspects.

Connectivity & Discovery

Connectivity with any device, protocol and API accompanied by automatic detection and classification of surrounding devices

Event-driven ecosystem

Event driven inter-connectivity between connected devices for efficient proactive communication between devices

IoT Business Rules

Cross-device interactions and scenarios are easily managed using business rules

Dynamic integration

Future device integration using dynamic connectivity schemes that are seamlessly updated from the cloud.


Dynamic Integration

IoT projects require a considerable degree of flexibility and scalability, allowing the evolution of the system throughout its life cycle. The system's integrator might want to replace existing devices with devices of a different brand. Sometimes new low level communication protocols are required and in other situations a completely new device integration is required. WeavingThings is built from the foundation with a dynamic approach in mind, allowing the seamless dynamic integration of these new demands with no involvement of the system integrator or service provider.

Device Abstraction

Weaving Device abstraction allows the system integrator and service manager to deal with the different connected devices in a unified abstract service data model. This unique approach hides the low level device communication details from the service or business logic manager. This abstraction capability is achieved using Weaving API Translator. This Translator builds an abstraction layer that allows the entire communication with connected edges to be managed in a unified user defined service language. The service language can be easily integrated to the existing management and business logic systems, avoiding the need to address each connected edge in its specific way.

Distributed Connectivity

WeavingThings easily enables the creation of an IoT network that is composed of many local networks. Connected Devices across different local networks can interact with each other in an event-driven fashion, as if these devices are located side by side. Expanding this private-wide network is as simple as running Weaving Agent on a machine in the newly added local network

Business Logic

WeavingThings framework makes interconnectivity between devices and device management simple and straight forward. By hiding the low level device details and exposing a unified service data model, a complete business logic solution can be achieved easily. In fact, WeavingThings provides a collection of business logic and management tools that gives the ability to define business rules between devices and display them graphically in an integrated dashboard. Moreover, WeavingThings framework is designed in a way that allows a very simple integration with existing business logic and management systems.


How it works

Install & Run Agents

Simply install and run on any machine from each of your local networks. Weaving Agents typically run on gateways, routers, servers and PCs. They discover the surrounding IoT devices and monitor them for events.

Weaving high level architecture

View & Monitor Devices

Abstract services are now represented in the cloud and can be viewed and managed using our resource manager. Network scan, device monitoring and additional capabilities can be configured and issued here.

Weaving resource manager
Bind Events & Actions
Service events are dispatched from Agents and handled in the cloud. Service actions are sent from the cloud and executed on their matching devices.


Cross-device Business Logic
Cross-device scenarios are easily created using business logic rules. Combined Events are easily translated into actions in a user friendly graphic scenario generator.


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