Adaptive IIoT Edge Platform

WeavingThings industrial IoT edge platform is designed and built for Integrators.
The platform simplifies the integration of IoT solutions, for existing and new deployments, and dramatically reduces the related software development effort.
IoT projects, especially in industrial environments, require solutions that are architecturally flexible, are low-maintenance, are designed for scalability and are vendor and protocol agnostic.
WeavingThings core technology is built from the ground up to give the best service in all aspects creating adaptive future-proof systems.

Asset Tracking

Advanced discovery of all devices and their capabilities. providing enhanced continuous visibility


Monitor your devices & systems for efficient real-time event handling and data gathering


Interact with devices and systems at your remote edge networks from anywhere, allowing data gathering and control


Analyzing data-points at the edge, and filtering data, reducing data loads and increasing privacy.

Adaptive Integration

IoT projects require a considerable degree of flexibility and scalability, allowing the evolution of the system throughout its life cycle. The system's integrator might want to replace existing devices with devices of a different brand. In some cases, support for new communication protocols is needed and in other situations a completely new device integration is required. WeavingThings is built from the ground up with an adaptive approach in mind, allowing the seamless dynamic integration of old and new demands reducing software development efforts.

Weaving Translation Engine

WeavingThings translation engine translates specific device language into common data model. The translation is performed in run-time at the edge and allows the support of manifold of devices, protocols and data models. This unique approach allows the code-less instant integration of edge devices and systems.

Distributed Connectivity

WeavingThings enables the creation of an IoT network that is composed of multiple edge networks. Connected devices across different edge networks can interact with each other in an event-driven fashion as if these devices are located side by side. Expanding the network is as simple as running the WeavingThings edge agent in the newly added edge network.

Business Logic

WeavingThings framework makes interconnectivity between devices and device management simple and straight forward. By providing both data-collection and control capabilities, a complete business logic can be constructed.

3rd party integration

WeavingThings connects services and apps to the edge. Big-data platforms, analytics services and monitoring and visualization tools can use WeavingThings to easily reach the edge and examine edge data in a common readable form.


How it works

Install & Run Agents

A single edge agent is installed on each of your sub-networks and instantly form a distributed system with bidirectional secure communication between locations.

Our edge agents typically run on small controllers, gateways, routers and servers. 

Asset Tracking

Advanced discovery of all devices and their capabilities. providing enhanced continuous visibility.  The organization's asset is now represented in the platform and can be viewed and managed remotely.

Classification & Monitoring

Mapping discovered asset into profile groups. Each group is assigned a set of rules that enable enhance discovery, interaction with the group's devices, as well as control and monitoring of devices' data points.

Protocol translation

Periodic real-time interaction with edge devices using run-time translations of devices’ protocol and data-model. Weaving protocol translation engine simplifies support of proprietary protocols and data models and reduces the software development related effort.

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