Dynamic IoT Ecosystems

WeavingThings is an IoT connectivity framework that enables the creation of IoT services with a deployed ecosystem of many different IoT devices and sensors. IoT projects require solutions that are architecturally flexible, that are low maintenance, are designed for scalability and that their ecosystem of supported devices can be changed dynamically. WeavingThings core technology is built from the foundation to give the best service in all aspects.


WeavingThings solutions enable communication and connectivity with any device, protocol and API

Zero maintenance

Your supported collection of IoT devices is being dynamically updated with newly released devices. No maintenance required!

Virtual Test LAB

No need to connect to physical devices. Test your app against the relevant WeaverThing Service


SDKs can be embedded in any platform such as android, IOS Linux or windows and can be used over mobile, Raspberry Pi or PC

Check out our SDK Reference, Smart Lighting app example,
Raspberry Pi server

How it works

Four simple steps
Demo Video
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Download SDK

Anroid, iOS, Web, Raspberry Pi
Our SDK beta release is available. Join our beta program to get the API Key and start using it for free.
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Choose IoT Service

smart light, ip camera, irrigation …
Implement a service using our generic IoT services.
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Weaver Test Lab

Lifx, Phillips Hue, Flux, GreenIQ, Rachio, FosCam, iControl
and many more
Set your own virtual test lab with Weaver Test-Lab. Weaver Test-Lab lets you test your service on a wide selection of devices as if they were located in front of you.
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Future device support

Who knows what the future holds
Get notified when a new device is added to your supported service and dynamically add it to your released app/service.

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